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Time is precious in a homeschooling house.  Computer time is like pixie dust that can be sprinkled upon your children and they’ll magically do their chores and school work.  However, if your kids don’t know how much of that pixie dust to expect then they start arguing.

With Kids’ Quotas from Active Mind Apps you can monitor your kids’ activity time.  Originally intended to monitor iThingy (iPod, iPhone, iPad) usage, Kids’ Quotas can be used to track all kinds of things like TV time, reading time, play time and quiet time (especially important for Mommy).

Once you’ve established times for a particular activity it is very simple to setup that quota.  After the quota is established just tap it and a countdown begins after a confirmation dialog.  Multiple quotas can run simultaneously and you can drill down through the usage time and have a detailed look at quotas used.  If you forget to stop one of the timers you can edit the amount of time used.

Kids’ Quotas allows you to:

  • Track one or more children
  • Quickly setup as many different quotas per child as you’d like
  • Configure each quota to track time by day, week, or month
  • See clear visual indicators of the running status of each quota
  • View detailed histories with average and total usage summaries
  • Just touch and go to track time and end the arguments

A couple of things I’d like to see added to the app are an audible or visual notification when a quota has expired (I let one run for over 9 hours) and a password or PIN required to edit the time used. I find this app very useful and I think we’ll be using it in the future to track our kids’ quotas.

Kids’ Quotas is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later and costs $2.99.

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