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9 Ways to Use Tech With a Purpose in HomeschoolingTech is great when used correctly. It’s even better when there is a purpose behind using tech.

This is especially important in homeschooling. One thing I’ve noticed is that some families jump head first into using tech for homeschooling with having a purpose for the tech they’re using.

I recently saw a Tweet from Mark Anderson that linked to an infographic he created that encapsulates many of the ideas that I’ve expressed in the past.

This infographic is brilliant (despite incorporating an over-used meme).

Tech With a Purpose

Image credit: ITCEvangelist.com

9 Ways to Use Tech With a Purpose in Homeschooling

  1. Use Tech for a Purpose
  2. Choose the Activity for Learning
  3. Don’t Worry If It Doesn’t Work as Expected
  4. Plan Carefully So Tech Enhances
  5. Don’t Use Tech If It Doesn’t Enhance Learning
  6. Use Tech for Learning Collaboratively
  7. Ask for a Digital Leader to Help
  8. Remind Yourself Not Knowing is OK
  9. Share What You Learn With Your Team

In this week’s podcast I expand on each of these points and discuss my Patreon program.

Show Notes

Introduction 0:00 – 1:01
Patreon 1:02 – 6:02
iParent.tv Tumblr Spot 6:03 – 7:30
9 Ways to Use Tech With a Purpose in Homeschooling 7:31 – 19:49
Closing Remarks 19:50 – 21:06

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  • Dee Trope
    • Thanks for sharing, Dee! Are you a regular reader/listener? How did you hear about this post?

    • Thanks for sharing! How did you hear about this post? Are you a regular reader/listener?

  • Dee Trope

    I found it through Sendible, but I have been aware of your blog before. In fact I did an interview with you for my blog a year or two ago. 🙂

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