9 Temporary & Anonymous Apps Teens are Using [Infographic]

9-apps-topAccording to a 2012 survey conducted by by McAfee, 70% of teens hide their online activity from their parents.

The apps teens are using to hide their online behavior are the most popular one in the Apple and Google Play app stores.

The folks at Rawhide.org have put together a great infographic that addresses some of these apps and gives parents tips to help parents positively influence their kids’ online behavior.

Anonymous Apps Infographic

What Can Parents Do?

While teens prefer hiding their online behaviors from their parents, parents influence teen online behavior.

If you’re worried about your teen’s online behavior, consider taking the following actions to protect your teen from trouble.

  • Establish boundaries – Remind teens not to communicate with strangers, reveal personal information, bully, or share inappropriate information.
  • Expose teens to real-world dangers – Show teens examples of extreme, unsafe online behaviors. Show them what they post can potentially harm themselves or others.
  • Discuss privacy settings – Check teen’s privacy settings. Make sure they understand how to navigate privacy settings and block people.
  • Stay currentMonitor and educate yourself about the apps your child is using. An internet search about “teens new favorite apps” can help reveal the newest digital trends.
  • Explain the true impact of your teen’s actions – Inform teens that other users may screenshot anonymous posts. Embarrassing or questionable posts may come back later.
  • Hide phone numbers on public profiles – Don’t let teens disclose phone numbers on social media. Revealing numbers can make it easier for cyber predators to find more information on your teen.
  • Check age restrictions – Inspect apps on your teen’s device to make sure they haven’t joined an app they’re not old enough for.
  • Disable location sharing – Turn off location tracking features to prevent predators from locating where your teen is.
  • Software Filters – Use programs to monitor social media, block chats, and mask profanity.

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