5 Reasons to Choose an Android Tablet for Homeschooling

Android tablets can offer a great deal of functionality to your homeschooling needs without investing a great deal of money to do so. Tablets are superior to phones when it comes to many aspects simply because of the enlarged screen sizes. While the smartphone can also play a technological role in your education needs, the tablet can be a cost-effective solution that is easier to use for children. What makes Android tablets worth the investment for your homeschooling needs?

1. Cost Although the new, top-of-the-line tablets have a long list of bells-and-whistles, you don’t need to invest more than $150 to buy an effective unit that has a great deal of functionality. Tablets can be purchased for as low as $130 depending on the brand and style you want your child to use. Although the cheaper tablets may not have the power that is needed for intense gaming, they do work extremely well for educational purposes and play video with excellent quality.

2. Apps A long list of apps are available for Android tablets and many educational apps are free. Any subject that you need to teach your child, there is an app available. As tablets and smartphones are so popular, more apps are being developed on a regular basis. You could even go so far as to develop your own apps using a variety of tools and tutorials that can turn even the most novice users into Android developers. This could also be a fun project for a homeschooled student – develop the next biggest trending app.

Amazon Kindle Fire Kids Edition

3. Versatile Tablets can be used as eBook readers, video players, Internet cruisers, and much more to suit any task you have for your student. Your student can hone his or her typing skills with an onscreen keyboard or simply ask Google in order to perform a search. The recognition for Android in order to use Google by voice works exceptionally well as long as the background ambient sound isn’t too loud. Office documents, PDFs, and other common file types you create on a computer can be accessed by an Android as well allowing you to share documents pertinent to a specific course of study.

4. Mobility Your homeschooling student can take his or her work with them anywhere they go. Instead of lugging around a large laptop, some tablets can fit in the pocket of a large coat. Road trips can be spent by your student studying or practicing educational aspects with games. Regardless of your homeschooler’s location, he or she can complete tasks that are assigned using the tablet.

5. Multiple Users Tablets running on Android have the ability to enable multiple user accounts. These accounts act just like they do for computers as they provide customized lists, backgrounds, email information, and more. If you have more than one student or plan on sharing the tablet, a sense of privacy can be obtained and settings saved by using multiple accounts.

A tablet can be much more than a gaming device or a way to keep in the loop on Facebook. Nearly anything a laptop can do, a tablet can at a fraction of the cost. It is a cost-effective way to include technology in your daily activities while providing a method in which to engage your child.

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