Best Live K-12 Science Classes for Homeschoolers Free and Paid

Best Live K-12 Science Classes for Homeschoolers Free and Paid

For some homeschooling parents, teaching science can be difficult. Even if your child understands basic scientific principles, some children simply do not like science and that can lead to a lot of complaining. Add to that, the cost of equipment and materials for labs and it’s understandable why so many parents shy away from teaching science at home.

Online science classes allow parents to hand over some of the responsibility to online classrooms. Your kids can engage with a teacher during a live class or with interactive courses that help homeschool students learn at their own pace.

While not a replacement for your teaching, an online course can help fill in any gaps in your homeschooling or supplement your current curriculum.

Here are the Best K-12 Science Classes for Homeschoolers that I’ve found that will help homeschooling parents teach science to their kids.

My Fun Science

My Fun Science has online science classes for middle and high school students. Homeschoolers learn through live online courses that last about 90 minutes each week. In addition to the live classes, homeschool students can also join the STEM Club which has monthly missions connecting STEM subjects and our daily lives. Classes at My Fun Science start at $250 per semester.


Time4Learning offers interactive online sciences classes for homeschool students from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Each course features multimedia lessons, instructional videos, printable worksheets, quizzes, tests, and both online and offline projects. Courses range from $19.95/month to $30/month, per student. Time4Learning offers a 14-day money-back guarantee and you can stop, start, or pause anytime.

Supercharged Science

Supercharged Science is taught by Aurora Lipper, a former NASA employee. Each course features videos, online classes, exercises, quizzes, and parent resources. The first month is only $1. $37/month for grades K-8 and $57/month for grades 9-12. If you’re uncomfortable teaching science, let Aurora Lipper at Supercharged Science teach for you.

Bridgeway Academy

Bridgeway Academy has collaborative, interactive online courses taught by live instructors. Hands-on projects help to reinforce lessons and help students engage with the content. There are 10-week, 15-week, and year-long courses for grades 1st through 12th so parents can fit classes into their homeschooling schedule. Prices range from $155 to $375. Find out more at Bridgeway Academy.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy has offered online science classes for many years. They’re free forever. In addition to the free lessons, there’s also a dashboard that allows parents to track their child’s progress. If there’s a concept you’re struggling to teach or if your homeschool student wants to explore a topic on their own, Khan Academy is a great addition to your homeschooling toolkit.

Bonus: Experience Biology

Experience Biology offers biology courses that go beyond video instruction. There are two engaging video lessons for every weekly module to help your child understand new and exciting concepts without feeling overwhelmed. More information is available at

These are just a handful of the online science classes for homeschoolers that are available. Have you used any of these? What are some that you’ve tried that I didn’t mention? Let me know in the comments below!

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