5 Lessons Homeschoolers Can Learn From Doctor Who

5 Lessons Homeschoolers Can Learn From Doctor Who

Have you ever seen the BBC sci-fi series Doctor Who? It’s about a time-traveling alien who has an affinity for earthlings and getting into trouble. On his adventures through time and space, The Doctor often finds a way to save humanity while at the same time being fascinated by human nature. Having watched the show for many years (yes, I’m a Whovian) I’ve found there are many life lessons homeschoolers (parents and children) can take away from this fun show.

Curiosity won’t kill the cat

One of the traits of The Doctor is that he’s always curious about humans, aliens, and the universe as a whole. When The Doctor sees a scary-looking alien he doesn’t immediately feel fear, he’s curious. He sees beauty in what most would consider ugly or repulsive. The Doctor often says of such strange creatures, “You’re a beauty!” It takes a special person to live 900 years and being curious keeps things from getting boring. Curiosity is crucial for homeschoolers. As long as we’re curious, the learning will never stop.

It’s OK to be weird

Most incarnations of The Doctor have included some kind of weird outfit or personality trait. Wearing celery on your lapel or sneakers with a three-piece suit doesn’t exactly fit within social norms. The Doctor is never concerned about what other people think about him. He embraces his personality and even if people think he’s weird it doesn’t stop him from being kind and interested in them. You or your kids will probably be referred to as weird or strange because you homeschool. That’s OK. Don’t allow the naysayers to put you in a box. Be the person God created you to be even if it’s considered weird.

The journey is more important than the destination

If you’re one of The Doctor’s companions you never know when or where you’ll end up. And even when you get there the adventure has just begun. You never really arrive at a destination when you travel with The Doctor because he’s not there to take in the sights. In life, we sometimes get so caught up with the next destination (graduation, college, retirement) that we forget to enjoy the journey. Take a look around you and make life an adventure!

Life is precious

One of the tragic facts about our time-traveling hero is that he’s very familiar with war and death. He destroyed an entire race of people and deeply regrets it. It haunts him and often The Doctor must deal with the consequences of not valuing life. Because of this tragedy in his life, The Doctor realizes how precious life is and goes to great extremes to preserve it. All life, even the lives of our enemies, is precious. We should do everything in our power to preserve it. Don’t take your life or the lives of others for granted.

Tenth Doctor Regenerating
The tenth Doctor regenerating

Don’t be afraid to re-invent yourself

One of the reasons The Doctor has lived so long is because he’s able to regenerate his body when the old one wears out or he’s suffered a serious injury. The power to regenerate comes from within and can heal The Doctor of fatal injuries. In a way, we’re able to reinvent ourselves too. We can form new habits to improve our lives or choose to live with a more positive outlook on life. Ultimately, God has the power to renew our spirits and give us new life but there are some things that we can do to refresh our lives right now.

There are many other life lessons to be gleaned from Doctor Who that I could share but I thought I’d whet your appetite so you’ll watch the show yourself. It’s currently available on Netflix.

Have you watched Doctor Who? Do you think there are other lessons we can learn from this or any other sci-fi shows?

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  1. I don’t rightly remember how I turned my boys into Whovians. I think it was a very cold day in Ohio, I had a sinus infection, and I was flipping through Netflix to find something educational for the boys. We started watching Monty Python flicks and then Dr. Who was a suggestion, which reminded me of my college days, which… Yeah, they’re more hooked than I ever was and I do believe they have seen every single episode, ever, to date.

  2. Agree with every single one of these, and they’re important lessons, too! I like to watch Doctor Who when I am feeling fearful rather than embracing the joy of living. Hoping to get our two boys really hooked on the show. They are somewhat familiar at 4 and 7. 🙂

    1. I wanted to check out your awesome sounding class, but get this message that you have an untrusted site. You might want to look into that. Bummer.

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  3. These are Fantastic! I would add that just because someone is going to have a bad day, doesn’t mean we don’t do what we can to bring some good to it. Reference the Van Gogh episode.

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