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Sometimes homeschooling can be financially tough. Some families have given up two incomes in order to homeschool their children. Wouldn’t it be nice to earn a little extra income to either put away for a rainy day or buy that expensive curriculum you’ve wanted?

Maybe your kids are getting older and you want to teach them how to earn some extra income before they go to college. Perhaps, you notice an entrepreneurial spirit in your children and want to encourage them to pursue their ideas.

There are a number of online jobs that homeschooling parents and students can do that will help them either earn extra income or begin to earn money for college.

Here are 5 jobs homeschoolers can do at home to earn extra money.

1. Virtual Assistant – Assist clients with administrative, technical, or creative tasks. Clients are usually small business owners that are looking for someone to complete the type of tasks an administrative assistant in a company would normally perform such as bookkeeping, online research, manage email, social media tasks, website maintenance, or audio and video production.

2. Copywriting – Writes text for webpages, advertisements, email, or social media. Copywriters may be provided with an outline for writing or may just be presented with an idea and will need to research a topic and write about it. If the copy work is for social media, email, or advertisements there will often be information provided about the subject to assist with creating the text.

3. Teach classes or tutoring – If you’re an expert in a certain topic, you can use that expertise to teach online classes. This could be done by simply creating private posts on a blog an providing a password to parents and students who pay to get access or by using online seminar software like GoTo Meeting.

curriculum4. Develop and Sell Curriculum – At some point you’ve probably created some kind of worksheet, printable, lapbook, or other resource for your own homeschooling or for use in a co-op. You can sell those to other homeschoolers that are looking for simple, inexpensive resources to teach a subject.

5. Affiliate Marketing – Refer others to products and services that you use and earn a commission from the sales. This may sound simple but it can be the most difficult in the entire list. A simple way is to link to products on Amazon that you have purchased. You’ll want to look for products as services that other homeschoolers will find useful and share how you have found them to be helpful as well.

Do you earn extra income online? Have you thought about teaching your teenage kids some ways they can earn money online?

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