3 Top Tips to Enhance Learning with Digital Media [Infographic]

Enhance learning with digital media
Do your kids like to watch movies and videos? Looking for a way to incorporate their viewing habits into your homeschooling? Enhance learning with digital media from Pure Flix Digital’s 4-week curriculum for homeschooling parents.

Pure Flix Digital has added a library of educational videos and movies that homeschoolers can use to supplement their curriculum.

They recently reached out to me and we collaborated on this infographic that shares some of the benefits of homeschooling with digital media.

3 Top Tips to Enhance Learning with Digital Media

3 Top Tips to Enhance Learning with Digital Media

  1. Listen to podcasts or read blogs about using movies in your curriculum.
  2. Entertainment can be educational too! Find ways to incorporate popular films into your homeschool.
  3. Watch and learn with your kids. Your kids will learn more if they see you taking an interest too.

Benefits of Using Digital Media and Content

Child Development

  • Educational and age-driven content ensures value-driven learning.
  • Media has potential to shape personalities and affect the way children perceive the world.

Learning Style

  • Most children are visual learners.
  • Curriculum should include teaching methods that utilize visuals, media, and hands-on activities.

When you combine digital media with your child’s learning style and interests you can make homeschooling. Be sure to try out Pure Flix Digital and check out their selection of educational videos.

Quick STEM Tip

For every hour of screen time require your child to play outside for at least 20 minutes. The activity helps them get out their wiggles and you get a break too!

Do you use digital media in your homeschooling? What resources and titles do you recommend? Leave a comment below!

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