Schedule an Online Meeting for Your Homeschool Group or Conference

Looking for someone to speak at your homeschool meeting? Think your group is “too small” to host a guest speaker? An online meeting is just what you need! This format is ideal for groups ranging from 5-25 people.


I’m available evenings between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. EST weekdays and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekends. I need at least 2 weeks lead time for weekday meetings and 3 weeks for weekends.


The cost of an online meeting is $85 for a 30-minute session and $150 for a 1-hour session. For speaking in-person at conferences on weekends, pricing starts at $300 per day plus travel expenses (if over 100 miles) for groups up to 250 people. Over 250 people? Let’s talk!

Getting Connected

I use Zoom for online meetings which can allow users to join remotely so anyone unable to attend a meeting in person can participate from home. Your meeting will be recorded and a copy of the recording will be made available for you. For best results I recommend a wired broadband Internet connection, laptop with external speakers, and a projector but it’s possible to do it with a smartphone.


During this past school year, Faithful Heritage LEAH was blessed on two different occasions to have John Wilkerson as a guest speaker, through a live online, chat, workshop. We set up John on a computer projector to address our families and to take questions. The first workshop was A Parent’s Guide to Making Friends with Social Media. The second workshop was Choosing the Right Tablet for Your Homeschool. Both workshops were extremely helpful and they sparked a lot of conversation. They provided many new possible avenues to expand our homeschooling endeavor. If you are looking for more ways to encourage your homeschool group and to spark new ideas for the families to enhance their homeschooling, I would highly recommend John Wilkerson and his online workshops.” —Jennifer Rooney, Faithful Heritage LEAH

John lead a workshop titled A Parent’s Guide to Making Friends with Social Media at the Christian Family Home Educators annual Homeschool Conference in Spokane Valley, WA. He delivered it via Skype. He is known as the expert in tech for homeschoolers so we chose a topic that we knew would resonate with our audience. Having John present via Skype was a first for our 21st annual conference but John made it easy to gain so much valuable content from his message. He thoroughly covered the topic we requested plus he was able to answer all of the attendee’s questions. We would highly recommend bringing John to your homeschool group in person or via Skype. He is superior in meeting the tech needs of homeschool families!” —Kelly Clark, Christian Family Home Educators


Is There an App For That?  Homeschooling with Technology in the 21st Century—Although the majority of home educators still use traditional means to educate their children, there is a growing group of “app-schoolers” who are embracing technology to provide a quality education for their increasingly-connected children.  Whether you’re reluctant or eager to start using technology in your homeschool, you’ll benefit from learning how to incorporate apps, the Internet, and social media into your homeschool plan. Please note: this not a session about specific apps but about how to incorporate apps and online learning in your homeschooling.

A Parent’s Guide to Making Friends with Social Media—Our children are becoming more and more connected earlier in their lives.  Social media is entwined in many of their conversations and relationships, and some parents feel ill-equipped to deal with the challenges it presents.  Learn how to develop a social media strategy for your family that will keep your kids safe and keep you sane.

Technobabble: Talking, Tips, and Tools for Responsible Internet Use—The Internet is a great tool but it’s littered with pitfalls that can lead your children astray.  Find out ways to protect your kids online and learn how to build a constant and open dialogue with them about safe, responsible Internet use.

Don’t Short Circuit Your Family! Take a Technology Timeout—The ubiquity of cell phones and tablets leads to us being constantly connected. Learn practical ways to take a break from technology and balance your online life with your real life. Note: this is only a 30-minute session.

Don’t see a topic that appeals to you? Get in touch below and let’s see if I can help. Additional lead time will be needed for custom topics.

For more information or to schedule an online workshop fill out the for below.

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