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I have to admit that being a geek dad is fun. I get to play with lots of cool toys that my kids would love to get their hands on. However, being a geek dad also has it’s traps. Sometimes I get too involved with the screen in front of my face and forget that there are little eyes watching me. Sometimes I have to not only reel in my own tendencies but also take a look at how much time my kids are spending with electronic gadgets and devices.Taming the Techno-Beast by Todd Wilson

In his book Taming the Techno-Beast, Helping You Understand and Navigate Your Child’s Electronic World, Todd Wilson approaches the subject of technology’s invasion into our homes directly without calling for an all out rebellion against anything with a microprocessor.

Although written in 2009, Taming the Techno-Beast is still relevant in today’s tech scene despite changes in social networks and gadgets. The illustrations and advice offered in this book are just as applicable to the reader today as they were three years ago. It’s a quick read which I like. No beating around the bush. Todd gets straight to the point.

Reigning in our kids’ desire to sit in front of a screen all day while tapping away is tough but with the simple steps Todd Wilson outlines in this short book you can be well on your way to taming the techno-beast in your home. You may even find that you have a little beast hiding somewhere that you need to get under control.

Taming the Techno-Beast by Todd Wilson is available on the Kindle for $2.99. Since I reviewed this book Todd has also written the, Taming the Techno-Beast, Student Workbook that complements the book. The workbook covers texting, gaming, surfing the web, Facebook, and many other online activities and helps students and parents navigate through making heathly decisions about their online lifestyle.

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  • Dee Trope

    This has become a huge issue in our home! Our kids have become techno-junkies! They rush through their school work so that they can get to their games, etc. They don’t seem to know what to do with themselves outside of interacting with some gadget.

    While I enjoy our gadgets and applaud their ability to enhance our homeschooling efforts, I can also see where they are becoming a detriment to my children. My hubby and I have started taking steps to correct this, but perhaps a read of Todd’s book is also in order!

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