History of Homeschooling in America [Infographic]

I was sent a great infographic that provides a brief history of homeschooling in the United States and covers some very compelling statistics in favor of homeschooling.

I’ve included some of the text from the infographic that I found especially interesting.

Home Is Where the School Is: Understanding Home-Schooling in the United States

Before the advent of formal, communal education, children were educated in the home. But with schools opening in the American colonies in the 1600s, education outside of the home has been common practice in the United States for centuries.

The past four decades have seen a resurgence of home schooling in the U.S.

Tips for Getting Started Homeschooling

Know the Law – Rules and regulations about home-schooling vary widely depending on where you live. Before you take any steps to remove your kids from school, be sure you know exactly what’s expected of you. Consult the Home School Legal Defense Association, or your state’s home-school association.

Consider Your Approach – What methods will you use educate your children? Will the curriculum be highly structured? Will you allow your children to determine the course of their education?

Rely on community – With home-schooling growing in popularity, many options exist for finding networks of other parents who home-school.

Especially when you’re getting started, these resources can be invaluable for developing your teaching style or simply providing moral support when things get tough.

Establish Expectations – Decide how you will evaluate your child’s progress in each subject and communicate that at the outset.


5 Things I’ve Learned in 5 Years of Podcasting About Homeschooling – WHS 156

On July 1st, 2015 The Wired Homeschool will have been in production for 5 years. The genesis of this podcast started way back in 2010 when I started my first podcast, Homeschool Tech.

That podcast quickly turned into Jesus Geek which ran until December 2011.

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Podcast Status Report for June 2015

Things have been a little higgledy-piggledy around here lately so I wanted to let you know what was happening with the podcast.

Upcoming Episodes:

July 10th – Interview with Jim Bob Howard about Periscope
July 17th – Interview with Matt McGraw about open source software
July 24th – 5 Lies Homeschoolers Believe About Technology
July 31st – ???


Avoid the Summer Math Slide with Math Splash

Avoid Summer SlideMy wife and I are always looking for fun ways to keep math in front of our kids. Math helps kids think logically. It helps them to process things systematically. Giving them a good foundation in math will help them in many areas of their lives.

Splash Math is a fun online math learning program for K-5 that kids actually enjoy working on. It is individualized, and ideal for self-learning. Splash Math is used by over 10 million children and 70,000 schools.

Splash Math looks like a great way to keep your K-5 kids up to speed over the summer. You can get a free trial version of Splash Math for iPad, Chromebooks, and your home computer. Continue Reading →


Preparing for College with Tim Milosch of College-Bound Homeschooler – WHS 155

tim miloschThis week features an interview with Tim Milosch of College-Bound Homeschooler. Together, we discuss what homeschool students and parents should be doing to prepare for college.

Tim was homeschooled from kindergarten through high school at a time when homeschooling was a developing educational strategy. Without the resources available to homeschoolers today, his parents and he developed curriculum on their own.

When it came time for college, Tim leveraged the research abilities that experience gave him to organize an effective college search and financial aid package that allowed him to attend Biola University, a private Christian college.

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