Give Your Kids Their Own WiFi Network with KoalaSafe – WHS 197


Kids start using Internet connected devices at earlier ages these days and it’s nice to finally have some choices when trying to manage their devices and filter out undesirable content. KoalaSafe is one of those devices and in this podcast Justin Lowmaster reviews the Koala.

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9 Temporary & Anonymous Apps Teens are Using [Infographic]

9-apps-topAccording to a 2012 survey conducted by by McAfee, 70% of teens hide their online activity from their parents.

The apps teens are using to hide their online behavior are the most popular one in the Apple and Google Play app stores.

The folks at have put together a great infographic that addresses some of these apps and gives parents tips to help parents positively influence their kids’ online behavior. Continue Reading →


How to Homeschool Like Bill Gates – WHS 195

How to Homeschool Like Bill Gates

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Bill Gates didn’t build a successful company or become the world’s richest man by chance. There are specific things he did in his life and career that got hime to where he is today.

Let’s take a look at how Bill Gates managed and led Microsoft and see how we can apply that to homeschooling our children. Continue Reading →


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