Sometimes being on the Internet is like driving into oncoming traffic. It’s bad enough there are potholes, reckless drivers, and traffic jams to deal with when making your way down the “information superhighway” (bonus points for 90s tech references) but if you’re not careful you and your kids can inadvertently swerve into oncoming traffic.

Following simple safety tips will keep you safe on the real roads and these 10 Internet safety tips for teens and tweens will keep you and your kids safe on your digital drive.
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Next week on April 8th, Microsoft will release their final set of security updates for Windows XP. For most people this means having to stop using a computer that’s still serviceable.

If you want to continue using your computer for a little while longer it is still possible but you must be very careful and change some bad habits. Here are six ways to safely use Windows XP after its end of life. Continue Reading…

I just received an email from Covenant Eyes last night about their new family pricing plan. If you’ve been using one or two user names on several devices to save money you’ll be happy to know Covenant Eyes introduced a big pricing change Monday that will help families. Continue Reading…

Children are targeted up to 35 times more than adults for identity theft

Knowing this, you should establish some rules around the Internet and divulging personal information.

Follow these six simple steps towards safeguarding your children’s online identity:

  1. Establish family rules for web use
  2. Protect that social security number
  3. Make sure you don’t miss type your URLs./li>
  4. Use STRONG passwords
  5. Check your credit regularly
  6. Check your credit card statements

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Covenant Eyes recently announced new pricing plans would be coming soon that would make using their service more affordable for families.

I participated in a usability study for the new pricing plan and I can tell you that Covenant Eyes has done a great job putting together these new options for families. If you’ve been hesitant to purchase multiple user accounts I think you’ll be please with the new pricing. Continue Reading…