9 Ways to Use Tech With a Purpose in Homeschooling – WHS 136

9 Ways to Use Tech With a Purpose in HomeschoolingTech is great when used correctly. It’s even better when there is a purpose behind using tech.

This is especially important in homeschooling. One thing I’ve noticed is that some families jump head first into using tech for homeschooling with having a purpose for the tech they’re using.

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Top 5 Downloaded Podcasts of 2014

Top 5 Downloaded Podcasts of 2014
Last year was a great year for the podcast. I had more listeners and released more episodes than in past years. I saw significant growth and I’m truly blessed to have met some other great podcasters along the way. I’ll be sharing another top 5 list next week. This week I’m being a little selfish.

Top 5 Downloaded Podcasts of 2014

  1. What’s New in iOS 8 and Yosemite for Homeschoolers?
  2. Is Your Homeschool Teen Ready for College?
  3. How to Choose the Best Tablet for Homeschooling
  4. Interview with Michael Prince of Four Point Families
  5. How to Keep Using Windows XP After End of Life

What was your favorite podcast from last year?


Are You a “Cool Mom”? [Video]

I randomly came across this video and thought I’d share it here.

Makes me wonder how many moms compare themselves to other moms. How many dads compare themselves to other dads?


Dash Draws a Circle

The kids have been using Dash and Dot and learning the basics of coding.

In this video they talk about how they got the two robots to work together and draw a circle.


Looking Ahead to 2015 – WHS 135

Looking Ahead to 2015

Photo credit: Ryan McGuire/Bells Design

I’m midway through my 10th year of podcasting. It’s the middle of the 5th year of The Wired Homeschool. I’m excited for the year ahead and want you to participate! Listen in as I share my plans for the podcast in the year ahead.

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