Using Scholaric to Plan Your Homeschool Year

Planning your homeschool year can be tough. If you’ve never tried using an online tool to plan your homeschool year you might want to consider Scholaric.

I asked Jeff Schmitz, the creator of Scholaric, to write an article about planning your homeschool year.

Why Use a Planner

Using a planner can help organize your homeschool day, allowing both the parent and students know exactly what needs to be completed each day. By planning your school year in advance, you can see at what rate you must progress to complete the selected curriculum within your desired time-frame.

Using Scholaric to Plan Your Homeschool Year - Planner

Photo Credit: stirwise via Compfight cc

Having a planner also means less time wasted trying to determine “where did we finish yesterday?” and moving directly into learning. For older students, having a checklist means more independence and more visibility into their school day, right from the start. Continue Reading →


Get a College Degree for Only $4000 with University of the People

Amazing. If you have a high school diploma, speak English and have an Internet connection you can get a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited online college for only $4000.


  • Tuition-free education
  • Only two degree programs: Business Administration and Computer Science
  • You only pay $100 for each exam
  • No broadband connection required

Sound too good to be true?


Armor of God with Phil Elmore – WHS 117

Imagine for a moment that you’d lost most of your vision and major motor functions. Then imagine what it would be like to be given a suit of armor that not only restored those abilities but enhanced them. It would be a miracle wouldn’t it? That’s the basis of the new book Armor of God by Phil Elmore based, in part, on the real life of Chris Carswell. Continue Reading →


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