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Have you recently given your teen a new smartphone? Perhaps you occasionally let them use your smartphone.

If any of these two situations are true you’ve probably noticed an alarming number of duck-faced pictures appearing in your child’s social stream.

Selfie Safety Tips

Photo Credit: Christer Johansen via Compfight cc

The “selfie” has become so ubiquitous that phone manufacturers are starting to put higher resolution rear-facing cameras on their devices.

According to the inforgraphic below the use of the word “selfie” has grown by 17,000% in the English language. English-speaking countries lead the way with the number of selfies taken online. Australia, The United States, and Canada are the top-three selfie-taking countries. Continue Reading →


Celebrate National Podcast Day with The Wired Homeschool – The Wired Homeschool

National Podcast Day is right around the corner. I’ve known about it for a month and been remiss in mentioning it. I’d like you to celebrate the day with me.

TeachPodcast-300x250-grayI’ve been podcasting since 2005. You could say I’m part of the old guard. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m one of the pioneers but I have been doing this for a long time.

Next week I’ll release an episode on September 30th with a list of educational podcasts that I think would be great to include as a supplement to your homeschooling curriculum.

I’ll be including a podcast from each of the following categories:

  • History
  • Foreign Languages
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Grammar
  • Literature
  • Arts

I’d love to hear from you what podcasts you listen to and if you have any that you recommend for the categories mentioned above.

You can send me your list by emailing, leaving a comment below, send voice mail by calling 518-290-0228, or use SpeakPipe.

If this is the only podcast you listen to or you don’t have any podcasts to recommend here are a few other ways you can participate in National Podcast Day on September 30th:

  1. Rate and review a podcast in iTunes or Stitcher. Start with mine: Rate and review The Wired Homeschool in iTunes and Stitcher.
  2. Subscribe to a podcast in iTunes or Stitcher.
  3. Listen to a podcast.
  4. Share a podcast with someone.
  5. Leave feedback for a podcast (podcasters LOVE feedback).
  6. Tattoo the logo from your favorite podcast somewhere on your body.
  7. Donate to your favorite podcasts—even if it’s just $1.
  8. Send a postcard to a podcaster.
  9. End every social media post with #podcastday
  10. Contact your local media outlets (newspaper, radio, TV) and suggest they do a story about podcasting. Press release for media.
  11. Shave your cat. Okay, don’t shave your cat. Shave the National Podcast Day logo in your hair.

Things are getting a little silly here but I think you get the point. There are many ways you can support podcasting. Honestly, I think the best way would be to send an email or voicemail to a podcaster telling him or her how much you appreciate what they do.

A lot of podcasters do it for the love of podcasting and the subject they’re talking about. There are very few people who are making money by podcasting. Most of the podcasts you see in iTunes directory are hobby podcasters. We do it because we love to hear ourselves talk.

The best support we can get is a simple “thank you” from a listener. One “thank you” can help a podcaster over a hump. One “thank you” can erase the sting of 100 negative comments.

How you choose to participate is up to you. I hope at the very least you’ll send a note of thanks to each podcaster you stick in your ears each week. I hope every podcaster has too much email to deal with on September 30th because their inbox is full of notes of thanks.


iOS 8 Initial Reaction and 3 Things to Do Before Upgrading – WHS 122 – The Wired Homeschool

iOS 8 released this week and while there are some really neat features I’m not very impressed. Battery life is poor, some apps are buggy, and my device seems a little slower. I share more about my experience in this week’s podcast so make sure you listen.

The best feature is the Family Sharing account you can setup and Apple Insider has a great article that covers all the details.

3 Tips for Updating to iOS 8

  1. Backup your device to your computer. Don’t just rely on iCloud. It’s great for your photos but you could lose some important settings if your device doesn’t update correctly. Take the extra time to do a full back up of your device. Directions for backing up your device can be found at Apple’s website.
  2. Update all of your apps first. Sometimes apps stop working or don’t perform as expected after a major iOS update. If you’ve got dozens of app updates waiting for your attention take care of it before you update iOS. If you’re not a control freak like me and you have automatic update enabled this shouldn’t be a problem.
  3. Make sure you have enough free space. This is the biggest problem people will run into when updating iOS. If you have tons of pictures and videos or a lot of application data it can prevent you from updating iOS. You’ll need about 6 GB of free space to complete the upgrade.

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