4 Amazing Hands-On Learning Activities for Elementary School Students [Guest Post]

Hands-on learning, or experiential education, allows students to learn by doing. When students experience key concepts and skills through hands-on learning, they gain a better understanding of them.

Rather than simply listening to teachers tell them about a concept, students in hands-on learning situations gain more experiences to rely on when they need to remember information or processes. And, those hands-on learning experience stay with students far longer than words from their teacher.

Hands-on Learning
We have rounded up some of the best hands-on learning activities for elementary school students, to help you create amazing learning experiences for your students. Continue Reading →


7 Super Windows 10 Tips – WHS 181

If you’ve upgraded to Windows 10 you’re probably a little confused about the changes in the operating system (especially if you upgraded from Windows 7). Do not to fear, I’ve scoured the Internet for Windows 10 tips to share with you.

I was happy to find a few of these tips myself. It helped me deal with a few nagging issues that had me perplexed.

Windows 10 Tips

Image credit: Microsoft

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Leap Years Explained [Video]

Leap YearsThis year we get an extra day. Explaining leap years to kids can be difficult sometimes because there are a lot of exceptions to the rules and kids can be sticklers for rules.

Looking for an illustrative way to explain leap years to your kids? Check out this video!


Can Dash and Dot Pick the Super Bowl Winner?

Last year we received Dash and Dot to review. This past year has been a fun year of coding with these two adorable robots from Wonder Workshop. We’re hoping this year that they picked the Super Bowl winner.

Accessories used in this video were the mallet from the xylophone and the smartphone mount. Programming was done in Blockly with an iPad Mini.

If you want to get started programming with Dash and Dot I recommend the Wonder Pack. It comes with all of the accessories used in this video and more.

Look for my one year review of Dash and Dot in an upcoming podcast.

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Northeast Homeschool Conferences and Conventions

It’s that time of the year again. Time to start thinking about homeschool conferences and conventions. Here in the northeast United States that means a break from the snow (hopefully) and an opportunity to look to the year ahead.

Northeast Homeschool Conferences and Conventions

Defining “the northeast” can be tricky. Most people include New England and Mid-Atlantic states. Others add Maryland and Washington, D.C. into the mix while the Library of Congress includes all states east of the Mississippi and north of the Ohio and Potomac Rivers. So which states should I include?

I’ve chosen to go with the addition of Maryland and Washington, D.C. this year. It’s a fair compromise (even though Maryland is south of the Mason-Dixon Line). Adding Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin breaks with the traditional definition of “the northeast” and would make for a longer list to maintain. Continue Reading →


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