10 Things You Should Never Ask a Homeschool Dad

Homeschool dads are an interesting breed. Some of us handle the majority of the homeschooling, others (like myself) pitch in when needed, and other fall somewhere in between. We like talking about and answering questions about homeschooling but there are some things you should never ask a homeschool dad.

10 Things that will make a homeschool dad angry

1. What curriculum do you use? We don’t know. Even if we do, our wives probably use something different for fill in the subject so don’t ask us, ask our wife.
See the other nine questions


Easily Turn Your Smartphone Into a Microscope for $10

I love this project! My kids and I will be doing this very soon. I’ll follow up with results.

This is great for homeschooling. Now you and your kids can have a portable microscope that you don’t have to worry about damaging. Take it on nature hikes, to the park, use it in a co-op class. The applications are endless!


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