Interview with Jimmie Lanley of iHomeschool Studio – WHS 102

Today features an interview with Jimmie Lanley of the iHomeschool Network. iHomeschool Network is a cooperative of almost one hundred outstanding homeschool bloggers. Their blog posts, videos, ebooks, and podcasts provide practical how-tos and inspirational encouragement to homeschool parents across the globe.

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About Jimmie Lanley

Jimmie Lanley, co-owner of iHomeschool Network, is a work-at-home mom who homeschools her daughter Emma. Jimmie’s background is in education (BA in English and a MS in education). It was after seven years of teaching middle school language arts in public schools that she began homeschooling her then Kindergartner.

Her online work began with blogging over five years ago. You can find her primary homeschool blog at Jimmie’s Collage. Her second blog, The Notebooking Fairy, is devoted to notebooking.

Besides her work at iHN and her own blogs, Jimmie is a social media consultant and manager for several clients.

Jimmie lived for over eight years in China and currently lives in Memphis, TN.

About iHomeschool Studio

iHomeschool Studio is an event when homeschool parents receive the continuing education and encouragement they need to persevere in the homeschool journey with excellence and resolve. The 24 convenient online sessions will take place during the afternoons and evenings of Tuesday, February 11 through Friday, February 14, 2014.

Your ticket price of $25 gives you access to

  • the 24 live sessions
  • the MP3 audio recordings of all 24 sessions
  • special discounts, door prizes, and giveaways from our speakers and sponsors

You do not have to attend the live sessions to have access to the recorded sessions. Your ticket price includes all MP3s whether you attend live or not.

iHomeschool Studio Online Conference

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Space Camp Program for Homeschoolers

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