The Rise of the Teenage Social Media Narcissist

Selfie Obsession - Social Media Narcissist
The word “selfie” was coined online on September 13, 2002. It was of someone’s busted lip (no joke). While people were taking pictures of themselves for years and putting them online before 2002, the word “selfie” wasn’t used in conjunction with a picture of oneself until 2002.

11 years later, “selfie” became the Oxford Dictionaries’ Word of the Year. Little did “Hopey” know that in an online forum her had started a revolution. Continue Reading →


Super-Fast Way to Tie Your Shoes [Video]

Tying shoes is one of those skills that some kids master quickly and other struggle with. Sometimes you may even include “practice tying your shoes” as part of your curriculum. Here’s a quick and easy way I found that can help your kids get their shoes tied.


7 Winter Safety Tips for Laptops, Tablets, & Smartphones – WHS 178

Winter is finally upon us and that means, snow, ice, and clod temperatures. OK, maybe not for everyone but here in the Northeastern United States it can get nasty. If you live in any country where temperatures can drop below freezing you’ll want to follow these 7 winter safety tips for laptops, tablets, & smartphones.

7 Winter Safety Tips for Laptops, Tablets & Smartphones

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Did Your Child Receive a Digital Device Over the Holidays? What You Should Know

Parents everywhere are sighing with relief that the holidays are over and the hectic schedules of concerts, parties, and routines are returning to normal. It’s easy to pack away the holiday decorations for another year, but it’s not realistic to forget the special presents our children received. Many of our sons and daughters unwrapped digital devices that require our attention and supervision- at least until you are comfortable with a child’s digital skill set.
Teens Digital Devices

Digital Devices And Children: Things To Consider

It’s no secret our kids are digitally connected at rates that were incomprehensible when we were the same ages all those years ago. While many people assume digital devices are only geared for teens, it might be surprising to realize that even infants and toddlers have daily access to tablets, Smartphones, computers, and more. In fact, children between the ages of 0 to 8 spend one-quarter of their screen time on digital devices. Continue Reading →


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