25 Passwords You Should Never Use

With all of the online resources available to homeschoolers it’s real easy to get lazy when it comes to creating passwords for websites. This becomes especially difficult if you have to manage your kids’ passwords too.

If you’re using any of these 25 passwords immediately go to the websites and change them. I’ll wait. Continue Reading →


Northeast Homeschool Convention Calendar for 2014

Living in the Northeast can be rough this time of year; bitter cold and snow can really put a damper on the homeschooling. One thing that all homeschoolers look forward to is the convention season and there’s usually a convention within a 4-hour drive of upstate NY every other weekend from March to June.

homeschool convention

Here’s a list of conventions and dates and any pertinent information that I’ve been able to gather so far:

HOME Annual Convention (Rockport, ME) March 20-22, 2013 Speakers include Kevin Swanson, Diane Kummer, and Joel Grewe.

LEAH NYC/Long Island Convention (Patchogue, NY) March 14-15, 2014 Keynote speaker: Todd Wilson. Workshops, curriculum swap meet, vendor hall, ladies’ luncheon with Karen Imperato, and dad’s luncheon with a round table discussion.

Mass HOPE Annual Convention and TeachCT (Worcester, MA) April 24-25, 2014 Keynote speaker Voddie Baucham and featured speaker Lou Priolo.

CHAP Homeschool Convention (Harrisburg, PA) May 19-10, 2014 200 vendors, 16 speakers, children’s and teen programs, panel discussions, and more.

ENOCH of NJ Annual Homeschool Convention (Edison, NJ) May 16-17,2014 Keynote speakers are Andrew Pudewa and Diane Kummer.

NYS LEAH Annual Upstate Conference (Rochester, NY) May 29-31, 2014 – Speakers include Kevin Swanson, Heidi St. John, Mike Donnelly, and Faith Berens.

If you have any additional information about these conventions or if you know about any other conventions in the Northeast please feel free to share in the comments below.


Parent’s Guide to Making Friends with Social Media – WHS 101

I recently spoke to the Faithful Heritage LEAH group in Eastport, NY via Skype. The topic I spoke on was A Parent’s Guide to Making Friends with Social Media.

This is more of a high-level speech. I talk about why we should be vigilant, some tips for establishing guidelines, and my personal experience with teens and using social media.

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How I Avoid Digital Distractions

My iPhone dings for the 97th time that day. I try to ignore it but I’m drawn to it. I reach into my pocket and nonchalantly glance at the screen. It’s another Google+ notification. I can’t check it now because I’m in a meeting at work.

On my way back to my office from the meeting I check my social media notifications: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Vine. I’m take a quick look at my blog stats because I want to see how my latest post is performing. I have about a 5 minute walk so that should be enough time for me to accomplish these “quick” tasks. Continue Reading →


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