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Today’s preschoolers are a member of Generation C, the connected society. They’re wired but not in a healthy, productive way.

Ways parents can help kids unplug:

  • Become informed on technology overuse on mental and physical health (i.e. attention problems, aggression, impaired body image, attachment disorders).
  • Unplug yourself. Youth often emulate parents.
  • Designate sacred time to reconnect with child.
  • Explore alternatives to technology as a family.
  • Enhance performance skills prior to unplugging child.
  • Meet developmental milestones though movement, touch and connection.
  • Address perceptions of outdoor safety. Outdoor play is important for children.
  • Create a productive role for child to help increase self-esteem.
  • Schedule a balance between technology use and other activities.
  • Help create sustainable futures for children, utilizing corporate funds and donations that help the community.

Check out the infographic below for more information. Continue Reading…

Installing Covenant Eyes on iOS 7

John —  September 30, 2013 — Leave a comment

Try Covenant Eyes

If you’re not convinced that Covenant Eyes is right for you, try it free for 30 days with no obligation.  $8.99 a month is not too high a price to pay to protect your children from Internet pornography.  Sign up today for your free trial.

Learn more about Covenant Eyes pricing.

Here’s another quick tip I posted on Vine earlier today. This one demonstrates how you can get your iPhone or iPad to charge faster.


Saving money for college isn’t an easy proposition these days. Tuition costs are rising so many people are looking for creative ways to save money for college. Vera Reed sent along this infographca that she helped design with 15 Peasant Ways to Save for Your Kid’s College Fund (Because You Didn’t Have the Royal Baby). Continue Reading…