What’s All This Flap About Flappy Bird? – WHS 103

There’s been a lot of talk about the game Flappy Bird in the past week. After the creator of the game pulled it from the AppStore I got to thinking about how we are preparing our kids for success. I duscuss that and more in this week’s episode of the podcast.

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Homeschooling Isn’t Always Done at Home [Infographic]

As homeschoolers we have the unique opportunity to turn every trip out of the house into a learning experience. In fact, it’s something that we sometimes do out of necessity. Learning happens everywhere, not just in our homes.

I’m not saying that parents of public school students don’t do the same. When I was growing up my parents used trips to the store to teach lessons but homeschoolers (from what I’ve observed) are more intentional about turning every experience into an educational experience.

Sometimes our kids might roll their eyes and groan asking, “Can’t we just have fun?” Hopefully we’re teaching them that learning is fun and it’s something we do our entire lives not for 12 or 16 years when we’re young. Click here to see the infographic…


Education and Danger Go Hand in Hand

The following is a TED talk given by Gever Tulley in December 2007. In this talk he encourages parents to let their kids do dangerous things so they can learn first hand about the world around them in a controlled and educational environment.

5 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kids Do

1. Play with fire.
2. Own a pocketknife.
3. Throw a spear.
4. Deconstruct appliances.
5. Break the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).
Bonus: Drive a car.

Photo Credit: ~ nebe ~ via Compfight cc


4 Ways to Homeschool Like Steve Jobs

If I had to choose one gadget or device that has revolutionized homeschooling more than anything else I’d choose the iPad. No other device has propelled homeschooling forward like the iPad and the man responsible for it was Steve Jobs.

In the book Steve Jobs Walter Isaacson chronicles the successes and failures of the former Apple CEO and provides a look into the life of a determined, passionate, innovative, and flawed leader. I bought and read the book shortly after it was published and since then have thought about four ways you can homeschool like Steve Jobs. Continue Reading →


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