Parent’s Guide to Making Friends with Social Media – WHS 101

I recently spoke to the Faithful Heritage LEAH group in Eastport, NY via Skype. The topic I spoke on was A Parent’s Guide to Making Friends with Social Media.

This is more of a high-level speech. I talk about why we should be vigilant, some tips for establishing guidelines, and my personal experience with teens and using social media.

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How I Avoid Digital Distractions

My iPhone dings for the 97th time that day. I try to ignore it but I’m drawn to it. I reach into my pocket and nonchalantly glance at the screen. It’s another Google+ notification. I can’t check it now because I’m in a meeting at work.

On my way back to my office from the meeting I check my social media notifications: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Vine. I’m take a quick look at my blog stats because I want to see how my latest post is performing. I have about a 5 minute walk so that should be enough time for me to accomplish these “quick” tasks. Continue Reading →


Homeschool Dads Hangout – Digital Distractions to Homeschooling

Do you find you or your kids getting distracted by digital technology? How does it affect your homeschooling? Does technology creep in and hinder your homeschooling rather than enable you to be more effective?

Listen and watch as I hangout with three other homeschooling dads to talk about the digital distractions we face in our families.

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Confessions of a Digitally Distracted Homeschooling Dad

I have a confession to make: I’m a distracted homeschooling dad. My problem isn’t golfing on the weekends, working long hours, or hanging out with guys shooting hoops every night. No, my problem is in my pocket. I’m a digitally distracted dad.

When my wife and I started homeschooling there wasn’t much to distract us or my son. We had a gaming console (original Playstation) but it was rarely used, dial-up Internet was still prominent, we had no cable TV, and I had a pager for work that rarely beeped. Continue Reading →


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