The Wired Homeschool is a Podcast Awards Finalist

Podcast Awards Finalist

Against all odds, The Wired Homeschool is a finalist in this year’s podcast awards. Voting starts on May 29th and I’m up against some stiff competition.

Here’s the catch: I’m on a hiatus. Possibly, a permanent hiatus. So, I need your help. Should I release short episodes while the voting is active? Please let me know in the comments or email


How Teens Consume Digital Media [Infographic]

Teen Digital Diet
As parents and educators, we’re very aware of the food that goes into our kids’ bodies. Some days we may serve cereal for dinner, but on the whole, we make sure that our kids are eating nutritious meals.

Have you ever thought about what your kids are consuming digitally? When your kids get a little older you loosen the reigns and let them make decisions about what digital content they consume and as homeschooling parents they may consume digital content more than traditional content like books and magazines.

In this infographic from Rawhide, you’ll see that teens are consuming more content on screens than ever before. As parents and home educators it’s important for us to make sure we’re aware of the type of content they’re consuming as well as how much. Continue Reading →


Michael Prince: What’s in Your Pocket – WHS 188

In 2013 Michael Prince and his wife Melinda founded Because Family to inspire parents to be the first influence in the lives of their children. They believe that to accomplish that goal parents have to be aware of what their children are doing on their devices.

Since hitting the road with their children, Michael and Melinda have covered thousands of miles while homeschooling. Along their journey they’ve written a valuable resource for parents: What’s in Your Pocket? The Parent’s Guide to Protecting Your Children Online.

Michael Prince and Family

Michael and Melinda Prince with their family.

Thanks to all the individual patrons who have supported the podcast. Special thanks go out to Matt Kamla, Lori Silsbee, Winston Crutchfield, & Craig Tingey. Continue Reading →


Roadschooling with Technology

Roadschooling with TechnologyMy wife (Melinda) and I decided to hit the road full time with our four children almost a year ago. We had been homeschooling since our first was school age, but we knew that life on the road would make it a requirement. Because we travel all over the country, We were excited for our children to not only learn about the US but to experience it. Obviously, our homeschool looks different than most. The biggest difference is that we don’t want to be on the road full time and just sit in the RV doing school work. Our goal is to make our experiences a major part of how our children are learning. Plus, we have to be creative with how we do education with limited space in our motorhome. We aren’t able to stockpile curriculum or spread our children out all over the house to do their bookwork. Because of this, we use technology regularly to supplement their education.
Continue Reading →


Kindle Oasis and Facebook Q&A – WHS 187

I held a live Q&A on Facebook earlier this week and this is the audio of most of that Q&A.

If this is something you’d like me to do in the future, please leave a comment below or on my Facebook page.

Also during the broadcast, I talked about the new Kindle Oasis from Amazon.Kindle Oasis with cover

Thanks to all the individual patrons who have supported the podcast. Special thanks go out to Matt Kamla, Winston Crutchfield, & Craig Tingey. Continue Reading →


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