Get a College Degree for Only $4000 with University of the People – The Wired Homeschool

Amazing. If you have a high school diploma, speak English and have an Internet connection you can get a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited online college for only $4000.


  • Tuition-free education
  • Only two degree programs: Business Administration and Computer Science
  • You only pay $100 for each exam
  • No broadband connection required

Sound too good to be true?


5 Helpful Super Powers for Homeschoolers – WHS 118 – The Wired Homeschool

Sometimes it would be helpful to have super powers as a homeschooler. There’s so much to get done and it seems like you’ll never get those lesson plans completed.

5 Helpful Super Powers for Homeschoolers

Photo Credit: JD Hancock via Compfight cc

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Armor of God with Phil Elmore – WHS 117 – The Wired Homeschool

Imagine for a moment that you’d lost most of your vision and major motor functions. Then imagine what it would be like to be given a suit of armor that not only restored those abilities but enhanced them. It would be a miracle wouldn’t it? That’s the basis of the new book Armor of God by Phil Elmore based, in part, on the real life of Chris Carswell. Continue Reading →


3 Ways to Use Vine for Homeschooling – WHS 116 – The Wired Homeschool

Do you think Vine is just a place for cool special effects, looping funny videos, and an outlet for teen stupidity? While it is used for those things, I think there are three significant ways Vine can be used by homeschoolers for educational purposes.

3 Ways to Use Vine for Homeschooling

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