Looking Ahead to 2015 – WHS 135 – The Wired Homeschool

Looking Ahead to 2015

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I’m midway through my 10th year of podcasting. It’s the middle of the 5th year of The Wired Homeschool. I’m excited for the year ahead and want you to participate! Listen in as I share my plans for the podcast in the year ahead.

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Dash and Dot Help Kids Make Wonder

When I was contacted by Wonder Workshop last month to test Dash and Dot (robots that help kids learn to code) I was skeptical at first. Once my kids started using them I could see the potential hidden beneath their cute appearance.

Dash and Dot Help Kids Make Wonder

At first glance, these two little robots look like nothing more than expensive toys but after my kids started to explore the many features and functions I was astonished with the potential hidden under the child-like fa├žade. Continue Reading →


Homeschool Conferences and Conventions in the Northeast – The Wired Homeschool

northeast-conventions-2015It’s that time of the year again. Time to start thinking about homeschool conventions and conferences. Here in the northeast United States that means a break from the snow (hopefully) and an opportunity to look to the year ahead.

Defining “the northeast” can be tricky. Most people include New England and Mid-Atlantic states. Others add Maryland and Washington, D.C. into the mix while the Library of Congress includes all states east of the Mississippi and north of the Ohio and Potomac Rivers. So which states should I include?

I’ve chosen to go with the addition of Maryland and Washington, D.C. this year. It’s a fair compromise (even though Maryland is south of the Mason-Dixon Line). Adding Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin breaks with the traditional definition of “the northeast” and would make for a longer list to maintain. Continue Reading →


5 reasons to Teach Your Kids to Code [Infographic] – The Wired Homeschool

Coding is not something that I am particularly fond of. I started out my college years learning to program at a local community college and soon got bored of the endless lines of code I had to decipher in order to complete an assignment.

These days, coding is completely different. Yes, being a programmer takes a keen eye but there a more tools to help debug and decipher the thousands of lines of code that someone will have to write.

Additionally, object-oriented languages have made it easier to accomplish tasks that used to take a few hundred lines of code. Kids also have a number of friendly tools available that can help them learn the basics and possibly spark and interest in a lifetime hobby or career. Continue Reading →


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