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9 Temporary & Anonymous Apps Teens are Using [Infographic]

9-apps-topAccording to a 2012 survey conducted by by McAfee, 70% of teens hide their online activity from their parents.

The apps teens are using to hide their online behavior are the most popular one in the Apple and Google Play app stores.

The folks at have put together a great infographic that addresses some of these apps and gives parents tips to help parents positively influence their kids’ online behavior. Continue Reading →


Teen Smartphone Addiction – It’s Real & Physical [Infographic]

smartphone-addictionSmartphones have been called “the world’s smallest slot machine,” and teens are hooked. 60% of teens will admit they’re addicted, and 50% say they couldn’t live without their phone for a week.

With teens now spending an average of 6.3 hours a day on their smartphones, a whole new gamut of medical issues and terminology is starting to surface, such as “nomophobia”, “text claw”, and “iPosture”. Outside of the direct impact on their health, excessive smartphone use is now leading to risky behaviors such as texting and driving. In fact, 77% of teens say they’re confident they can text and drive. But, the numbers are much more sobering. Every day, 11 teens die because they or someone else was texting during the time of the accident. Continue Reading →


How Teens Consume Digital Media [Infographic]

Teen Digital Diet
As parents and educators, we’re very aware of the food that goes into our kids’ bodies. Some days we may serve cereal for dinner, but on the whole, we make sure that our kids are eating nutritious meals.

Have you ever thought about what your kids are consuming digitally? When your kids get a little older you loosen the reigns and let them make decisions about what digital content they consume and as homeschooling parents they may consume digital content more than traditional content like books and magazines.

In this infographic from Rawhide, you’ll see that teens are consuming more content on screens than ever before. As parents and home educators it’s important for us to make sure we’re aware of the type of content they’re consuming as well as how much. Continue Reading →


The Rise of the Teenage Social Media Narcissist

Selfie Obsession - Social Media Narcissist
The word “selfie” was coined online on September 13, 2002. It was of someone’s busted lip (no joke). While people were taking pictures of themselves for years and putting them online before 2002, the word “selfie” wasn’t used in conjunction with a picture of oneself until 2002.

11 years later, “selfie” became the Oxford Dictionaries’ Word of the Year. Little did “Hopey” know that in an online forum her had started a revolution. Continue Reading →


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