A Parent’s Guide to Pokémon Go [Infographic]

Pokemon Go Stats and TipsPokémon Go continues to remain one of the most popular casual games even after a blockbuster release in the summer. It’s easy to play and Niantic continues to add features and bonuses that keep over 23 million people a day playing the game.

Pokémon Go is a hit in my household and my kids and I are always on the lookout for new Pokémon to catch.

This infographic from Rawhide.org details some of the amazing statistics around the game and also has some great advice for playing Pokémon Go with your kids. Continue Reading →


10 Internet Safety Tips for Teens and Tweens – WHS 202

10 Internet Safety Tips for Tweens and Teens

Sometimes being on the Internet is like driving into oncoming traffic. It’s bad enough there are potholes, reckless drivers, and traffic jams to deal with when making your way down the “information superhighway” (bonus points for 90s tech references) but if you’re not careful you and your kids can inadvertently swerve into oncoming traffic.

Following simple safety tips will keep you safe on the real roads and these 10 Internet safety tips for teens and tweens will keep you and your kids safe on your digital drive.
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Apple iPhone 7 Event Summary – WHS 200

iPhone 7

Credit: Apple

Apple’s recent press event was met with the anticipation one would normally expect despite leaked details about the new iPhone 7. Many rumors were confirmed and some were clearly found to be false. What, if anything, can homeschoolers take away from the announcement?

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5 Dangers to Avoid in Digital Homeschooling – WHS 199

5 Dangers of Digital Homeschooling

Parents choosing to homeschool in this digital age can sometimes get overwhelmed with all of the devices, apps, and software that can be used to educate their children at home.

Avoiding these five key dangers in digital homeschooling can save you time, money, and sanity.

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