Samsung Goes With the Flow and Apple Uses the Force – WHS 152

This week is a news episode. I’m preparing a new series, “5 Lies Homeschoolers Believe About Their Kids and Tech” that will be released in July. What are some lies that you think parents tell themselves?

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Top Three Math Thinking Apps for Older Students

A big thanks to Lanette over at KinderTown for reaching out to me and providing this guest post. The KinderTown app provides great reviews of other educational apps to parents can make informed decisions about the apps they purchase for their kids.

Want to encourage your older student to engage with Math outside of school and assigned homework?  Try these math thinking apps for enrichment or summer learning!

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How Safe is YouTube for Kids? – WHS 151

Many homeschoolers use YouTube every day for educational and entertainment purposes. There are a myriad of educational channels on YouTube that parents can use to supplement their homeschooling.

Sometimes parents can get a little blind to the more inappropriate content on YouTube until something shows up in a recommendation list.

Today I’ll talk about YouTube, how your kids are using it, and how you can protect younger kids from seeing inappropriate material.

How safe is YouTube for kids?

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Should You Let Your Teen Use Instagram? – WHS 150

Sharing photos is fun. Being able to add filters or modify them to make them look better only enhances the experience.

Instagram is one of the most active social networks among teens. Is Instagram a social network that’s safe for your teens?
should you let your teen use instagram

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