Osmo Coding Jam Unboxing and Reveal

The latest fun & interactive game from Osmo has just been announced and I have a copy to review. Look for a review in an upcoming podcast. Until then, here’s an unboxing video for you!

Osmo Coding Jam

Coding Jam combines coding and creativity and is fun for kids ages 5-12. The open-ended approach allows kids to make cool music and share their creations with others.

Your kids will learn:

  • Coding fundamentals
  • Pattern recognition
  • Sequencing and loops
  • Rhythm, harmony and melody
  • Creative coding

Coding Jam is currently available to purchase in the Osmo Store it will ship May 25th. Keep in mind that you’ll also need a base (if you don’t already have one) to use the game.

I’ll reveal more about Coding Jam in an upcoming podcast so make sure you’re subscribed.


Star Wars Homeschooling Resources, STEM & Security – WHS 208

Happy Star Wars Day! May the 4th (Force) be with you.

With fans celebrating Star Wars all around the globe today, I thought it would be appropriate to share some great Star Wars homeschooling resources that you can use in your homeschool for all your little Jedi (or Sith) sitting at the table in the kitchen.

Star Wars Homeschooling Resources


You don’t know the power of these printables. That doesn’t sound as menacing as Darth Vader’s line in Star Wars but you’ll recognize the power in these printables for grades K-8 from Year Round Homeschooling.

Arts and Crafts

The Origami Yoda series of books by Tom Angleberger is sure to keep your kids folding and laughing for hours. We own a few of them and seem to have the other constantly checked out from our local library. There’s also a great YouTube channel to supplement the books.

You may also want to check out some other paper crafts as well as metal model kits your older kids can build by themselves or with younger siblings.

DIY Lightsaber

No Jedi or Sith is complete without a lightsaber. Sure, you could head to a local big-box store and buy one but real Jedi build their own! Makezine has a great list of DIY projects that even your young Padawans can build (with a little help).

On a tight budget? Here’s a $5 lightsaber project you can build using a flashlight you’ve already got in your home.

Quick STEM Tip and Resource

NASA has many free resources for educators. As a homeschooler, you qualify to receive them. Also, if you’re near a NASA facility or an aerospace museum watch for homeschool days.

Consumer Affairs Best AntiVirus Software for 2017

Consumer Affairs has put together a great resources for people looking for antivirus software. If you’re not currently using antivirus software or you’re looking to change programs, Consumer Affairs has a great article on various software packages (some are free).

Included in the resource are comparisons, explanations of the different types of antivirus suites, and reviews.


Hopefully you’reading this on Star Wars Day and you’ll have time to try a few of these Star Wars Homeschooling resources. If you run out of time there’s always next year! Did you do anything special for Star Wars Day? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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5 Best Grammar Tools That Will Make Your Writing Flawless [Guest Post]

5 Best Grammar Tools That Will Make Your Writing FlawlessEnglish writing is one of the toughest assignments for a homeschool student. Even if they grew up speaking English, students find it hard to write a flawless piece of literature. A strong command of English language in not only speaking but also writing portrays understanding, intelligence and a sense of class.

Whether you child is writing a 500-word essay, short story, book or a blog post, the content is judged based on good grammar. For this reason, there is a growing number of grammar tools that can help writers in preparing their content. Below are some of the most powerful tools used by many authors, students, and professors. Continue Reading →


3 Top Tips to Enhance Learning with Digital Media [Infographic]

Enhance learning with digital media
Do your kids like to watch movies and videos? Looking for a way to incorporate their viewing habits into your homeschooling? Enhance learning with digital media from Pure Flix Digital’s 4-week curriculum for homeschooling parents.

Pure Flix Digital has added a library of educational videos and movies that homeschoolers can use to supplement their curriculum.

They recently reached out to me and we collaborated on this infographic that shares some of the benefits of homeschooling with digital media. Continue Reading →


2017 Total Solar Eclipse Infographic

Are your kids excited about the total solar eclipse this summer? Want a handy way to teach them about eclipses? Here’s a great infographic from Space.com that illustrates what causes eclipses and the different kinds you might see.

2017 Total Solar Eclipse

Quick STEM Tip

You can spend an entire week investigating eclipses. The best application is to figure out the math that determines when an eclipse will occur.

Bonus #1: If you have an artist in the house, have your child draw the relationship of the sun, moon, and earth during an eclipse.

Bonus #2: Take a look through your history books and see when an eclipse occurred at the same time as a major historical event.

WARNING: Never view the sun, even during a total solar eclipse, without protective eye wear.


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